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Where Can I Donate Household Items

Where Can I Donate Household Items – So you’ve done your spring cleaning for Chinese New Year. Now where do you donate all those old clothes and other things?

Whether you’re spring cleaning for Chinese New Year or inspired by Marie Kondo to declutter your home, don’t just throw away the things you don’t want and add to the growing pile of trash. Donate them to a good cause instead. But remember to only include items that are in good, usable condition – these aren’t junkyards, okay?

Where Can I Donate Household Items

Where Can I Donate Household Items

Here’s where you can donate clothes, shoes, furniture, and even electronics, and other used items in Singapore:

Where To Donate Old Books, Clothes, Furniture And Electronics In Singapore

Singapore produces a lot of textile waste, but only a measly seven percent is recycled. Greensquare aims to increase that number by collecting recyclable fabrics. They are then sorted by condition – items in good condition are sold to second-hand textile importers in developing countries to help support their free collection service and other eco-education activities. Those that cannot be resold are recycled and sold as industrial cleaning cloths.

Where Can I Donate Household Items

What they accept: Clothes, shoes, home linens or accessories. Do not donate dirty, stained, wet or moldy items. Hard toys, textiles, books, kitchen utensils, used underwear and socks, comforters and pillows are also not accepted.

How to donate: Pick up pre-loved items at over 50 locations across the island, including Funan Mall, Fusionopolis or stores like G2000 (complete list here). If you have more than 15kg of items (about three full black duffel bags), Greensquare will collect them for free at your door – just schedule an appointment on their website (below).

Where Can I Donate Household Items

Decluttering Tips: The Best Advice For Shifting Your Old Stuff

MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore) Social Enterprise is a voluntary social organization that provides vocational opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities. These include MINDS stores that sell donated items. The net income from the sale goes towards paying their monthly allowance and lunch expenses during the training.

What they accept: Clothing, shoes, accessories, toys and supplies for babies and children, household goods (under one year old), electronics, kitchen and household goods, furniture, appliances in sports, tools (hardware, design and craft), etc.

Where Can I Donate Household Items

How to donate: Drop items off at MINDS stores in Margaret (800 Margaret Drive), Woodlands (30 Woodlands Ring Road) and Rosyth (29 Rosyth Road). Opening hours vary. Gifts are not accepted at MINDS Shop Plus in Redhill.

Things You Need To Know Before Donating Clothes

The SSVP Shop is a thrift store established by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul selling donated pre-loved items. The income generated by the social enterprise goes to those in need of financial assistance.

Where Can I Donate Household Items

What they accept: Clothing, accessories, toys, housewares, batteries, sporting goods in good condition. SSVP does not accept CDs/VCDs/DVDs or Blu-ray discs, large items such as furniture and items that are dirty or defective.

How to donate: Drop off your donations at the SSVP Shop at 501 Geylang Road. Open Tue to Sun, 10am-4pm.

Where Can I Donate Household Items

Where To Donate (gently Used) Things Around Seattle

The non-profit organization accepts various types of donations in kind. For pre-loved clothes, the Metta Welfare Association donates them to a recycling organization to be recycled, in exchange for donations based on the total weight of the items collected.

What they accept: Wearables. No bags, belts or books. They also accept used IT equipment such as desks, laptops, monitors, printers and tablets.

Where Can I Donate Household Items

How to donate: Drop items in the recycling bins at Metta Building at Basement 1, 32 Simei Street 1, S(529950). Open weekdays 7.30am-5.30pm and weekends 8.30am-4pm.

Where To Donate Everything In Your Home

The fast fashion giant’s Garment Collection program takes in old clothes and household textiles. Depending on their condition, they are classified into three categories: return (sold as second-hand clothes), recycle (change into other products such as cleaning cloths) or recycle for other use (such as insulating material, for example) . In return, you will receive a 15 percent off coupon for your gifts.

Where Can I Donate Household Items

How to donate: Drop your favorite clothes in the recycling bin at checkout at any H&M store.

We call it Tinder for second-hand goods. Pass-It-On connects people with items to donate to people who need them through its online platform.

Where Can I Donate Household Items

Non Food Items

What they accept: Voluntary charitable organizations (VWOs) registered on the site (there are almost 400 at press time) can submit requests for items they need in the Wishlist section of the site. Do you have items to donate? Go through the lists and fulfill someone’s wish list. Or if there’s no match, post a photo and description of your items and wait for Pass-It-On to connect you with someone who might need it.

Founded during last year’s circuit breaker, this Facebook group is a blessed community that aims to help moms who may be struggling to make ends meet.

Where Can I Donate Household Items

What they accept: Mothers can make requests for things they need – it can be anything from baby or household items, and anyone who wants to help can continue to give these things. Choose to buy or donate items you already have – the most popular items requested are formula milk and diapers, followed by groceries. However, second-hand items such as clothes, shoes, breast pumps and even books are also accepted.

Charities That Offer Free Donation Pick Up

An old man, but a gourmand. The Salvation Army is probably one of the first places you think of when it comes to donating pre-loved items. The items will then be sold at five Salvation Army Family Stores across the island with the proceeds going to charity.

Where Can I Donate Household Items

What they accept: Clothing, housewares, cookware, furniture, accessories and more. Be careful, though, don’t mistake this for a place to dump your trash. As always, only donate items that are still in good, usable condition. It’s just basic courtesy, folks.

How to donate: You can drop off donations of pre-loved goods at eight Salvation Army donation booths islandwide, including Bishan, Bukit Timah and Upper Changi Road North. For larger items and furniture, the Salvation Army will pick them up from your door. While the service is free, you can choose to make an optional contribution of $60 to help cover increased operating costs.

Where Can I Donate Household Items

Reuse And Recycle

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We know switching browsers is a hassle, but we want your experience with TODAY to be as fast, secure and as good as possible. Donating to charity is a great way to get rid of things you no longer want or need. If you’ve read our articles on packing and planning, you know that we’re a big proponent of using your move as an opportunity to take stock of what you own. The goal is to get rid of things that, as famous decluttering author and Netflix star Marie Kondo would say, don’t “spark joy” in your life instead of just bringing them into your new home. But of course, you have a lot on your plate when preparing for a move. Using charities that offer donations allows you to make a difference and save time – a win-win, in our book.

Where Can I Donate Household Items

To help make your life easier, we’ve compiled a list below of eight charities that offer donation pickup straight to your home, donation tips and information on donating furniture, books and clothing. Start organizing, plan a shopping date and discover how easy it is to give new life to your unwanted items.

Donate Household Stuff

Condescension? Want a home refresher? Many charities will happily take furniture off your hands, whether you’re upgrading your furniture or spring cleaning. The charities listed here all take small household furniture such as chairs, bedside tables and coffee tables, but some charities do not take heavy items such as your room or sectional. So it’s a good idea to call and ask first. Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity ReStore and The Salvation Army will take large furniture, such as gently used couches, dining tables, tables, chairs and beds. Collection Please accept only small items, including mirrors, nightstands, headboards and office chairs.

Where Can I Donate Household Items

Instead of calling every charity to see if they will accept your furniture donation, you can also use DonationTown to find a charity that fits your needs. Once you provide your zip code, the online database will show you a list of charities in your area that will take your donation. Once you choose a charity, you can plan a free fundraising donation. And remember, your donation is tax deductible. So keep that receipt.

If you are not sure if your furniture is in good enough condition to be accepted for donation, you can always ask the charity. Many also list what things they will and will not accept on their sites. Other examples include torn or stained upholstered furniture, furniture with pet odors and lights that don’t work. Alternatives to donating furniture are selling it through online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace or eBay, garage sales or mobile apps like Mercari. You can also send it or try to recycle it.

Where Can I Donate Household Items

Where To Donate Clothes Before You Move — 8 Charities To Consider

Most charities accept book donations, but this does not mean they will take any book, under any condition. Donations to libraries often have several restrictions, but some charities also won’t take old, torn, stressed or moldy books. As with other types of gifts, please ask first if you are unsure about any book

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