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Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors – Home → High quality paint → Neutral, gray, Greige cream and white → Valspar paint: 4 best gray paint colors

I’m sure you know by now that I’m a loyal girl when it comes to painting and have been in long-term relationships with Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams for years (Ben and Sherm alone). BUT, when Lowes came to town, I was very impressed with Valspar and its color selection. I ordered a fan wheel and a week later Val and I were officially engaged.

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

And btw: There are no pictures – it’s true. I am committed on my site to only showing photos of my E-Design client’s homes and I have yet to have anyone use Valspar – but the INFO is still working so keep reading! If you’re into photography, you might want to check out the blogs listed at the end of this one.

Valspar Selects 12 Soothing Shades For Its 2021 Colors Of The Year

Now, I’m still learning a lot about these colors (in fact, learning never ends), but I wanted to share with you FOUR FAVES light gray as I introduce this line of paint to my blog for the first time…

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

This is probably my favorite gray in the Valspar range. Notre Dame is the perfect depth – not too heavy, not too dark and with little visible underneath, just a soft, soft, soft gray with just a little wild glow of the cool green of the ground. Not cold and cold, just cool.

Gravity is a cool gray with a cool purple undertone and is arguably the FRESHEST of the bunch. The warm purples can lean towards the pink side, the cool purples can lean towards the bluish side – this is cool. Compare this bad boy to Notre Dame and you’ll see the bottom pop. This doesn’t mean you are ‘purple’, you don’t need it, but like most greys, you WANT some.

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

Choosing A Warm Paint Color Palette

Tempered Gray is a cool and stony gray (not stony… stony), giving it a slightly earthy look compared to the beauty of Gravity.

I love this one (but is there anything I don’t like? Filtered Shade is a beautiful gray color with a slight warmth (without looking too far). At 4, it’s the most ‘pretty’ with a bit of femininity. and an UBER subtle purple/brown undertone.

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

And I’d love it if you kept my love affair with Valspar a secret. Ben and Sherm can take care of these things, so I’ll save them for now. Just kidding – they don’t even know I’m there (like most of my fake grown boys) and I get nothing out of promoting their brands – I just love them!

Gray Blue Green Shades


Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

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Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

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Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

01. School of ColorOnline color course Whether you are a beginner or have a lot of experience in the world of color, these exciting online courses will take your color education to the NEXT LEVEL! See Courses 02. Affordable and interesting downloadable eBooks Are you an avid reader? Want to learn more about the FUN side of decorating and coloring? These ebooks cover a wide variety of topics and are sure to make you refresh your space and rethink the way you live in your home! See eBooks But finding the perfect shade of white can be difficult with so many endless options! Therefore, today I want to share my TOP 6 white and neutral paint colors from Valspar.

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Valspar is my favorite brand of paint. Not only is it more affordable than other popular brands, but I love their color selection!

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

The paint chips provided are true to the color you get. And the paint provides great coverage!

I love neutral paint colors in my home. It gives me a “blank canvas” for my seasonal home decor throughout the year!

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

Valspar’s 2023 Paint Colors Of The Year

If you want a light and bright place, look no further! These white and neutral paint colors from Valspar will give you an instant clean and comfortable feeling!

Whether you want pure white, warm white or cool white, I have the best photos for you! In fact, I have 4 of these paint colors in my house! Be sure to scroll down to see them in my rooms!

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

Stock up on paint chips from Valspar’s largest range! Although the shades may seem the same, pick up the paint chips!

Valspar Colors Of The Year 2017

When you see colors in your own light, you will see subtle differences in shades and colors. Explore how they look with your decor and overall beauty.

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

I recommend getting at least one sample at home and trying it before you buy a whole gallon or two of paint that you might not want at all!

You can paint the walls with your paint samples or paint a piece of cardboard and move it around the room(s) to see if you like it in different lighting.

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

Favorite Valspar Greige

Lowe’s Virtual Paint Desk is a great tool for visualizing and imagining colors in a room. Just click CREATE, enter your color and see it in the room!

Remember that light affects colors. So try to see this in your own space, whether you have little light or lots of sunlight coming through the windows and doors.

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

We chose a summer gray paint color for our entire living room, dining room and kitchen (which we are currently remodeling). Although it is a lighter color, the white testicles around it still stand out. Especially when we have them lied and painted.

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Especially since we have no windows in our master bathroom, we wanted a color that would still look white and beautiful in the yellow light.

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

In fact, we have two brands of Valspar in their room. The word wall is painted in High-Speed​​​​ Steel.

Snowed In was the perfect white paint color to compliment the dark gray color. If you have gray or cool tone furniture, I think Snowed In is a great choice!

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

Behr Just Made Choosing The Perfect Neutral Paint So Much Easier

So when we first moved into our house four years ago, the house was all kinds of dark and airy. From brown to teal, it was everywhere! Needless to say, we painted right before we moved!

I found the perfect and neutral greige color to paint the whole house: Madison White. Although I would describe this color as a “greige” color (which means a mixture of gray and beige), it has a little coolness. But it’s simple and beautiful!

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

We still have Madison White color in the office. Madison White is the perfect choice if you want a little shade but still want to keep things bright and shiny!

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I hope you found this article helpful in choosing your perfect shade of white! Let me know in the comments below which one you like best! Like all types of paint, white can be difficult. Some are more red, some more blue. And there is nothing worse than white that can look dirty. Since sharing my favorite grays, I’ve had a few requests for my favorite whites. I use Valspar in our home, so I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite Valspar whites.

Most Popular Valspar Neutral Colors

Ultra White is my favorite. I used it all over our house. It’s on our baseboards, trim on doors and windows, built-ins, fireplace, table and benches in the dining room and feature walls in the living room. Our guest room is completely painted in Ultra White.

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