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Living Room Red Sofa Decorating Ideas

Living Room Red Sofa Decorating Ideas – After having the same living room furniture since 2012, Mr. Blake felt it was time for a change. In recent years, Mr. Blake asks for a new couch with a chase. But not just any sofa – a red sofa. I thought: What am I going to do in terms of decor with a big red bed? The living room was empty except for that couch for months because I didn’t know how to work around a red couch.

Then I decided to take everything out of space and start over. Once the room was cleaned, I really started looking at how to make the living room decor and work around this red couch. I hesitate to say this is the finished look, but I think it’s pretty complete for now.

Living Room Red Sofa Decorating Ideas

Living Room Red Sofa Decorating Ideas

Now that the room is (mostly) done, I can share more about how we got here and what I learned. Here are 3 ways I worked around this red sofa to design a space that you can use when styling your own space.

Red Paint Ideas

As with personal styling, you can totally handle a solid red piece as a neutral. So I tried the red bed as a neutral and created a color scheme that didn’t really have anything to do with the red bed. I decided to focus on a different focus color – the grayish blue/teal color you see in the artwork. This artwork set is from Target and features the focus color, but subtly introduces other colors that I can play with, like gray. I also like mustard gold as another accent color because I often see these two colors combined and love the look. It has nothing to do with the bank being red, as I consider neutral.

Living Room Red Sofa Decorating Ideas

This is another personal style principle that applies to interior design. I did not only have a print on the pillows, but they also had a solid color texture. I found this worked well because it added interest, but not the visual clutter that prints provide. We don’t really like to match, so only two cushions on the armchairs are the same. I also love that the illustrations are each in a different print, but they don’t match – they just go together. Instead of opting for more patterned pieces, I went for the added texture that came with a gray fur blanket and pillow. Even the ‘Life is Beautiful’ pillow has no pattern and the other side of the pillow is sequined, so that adds a lot of sparkle and texture.

Now let’s have a look at these pillow covers from the reflective design. I received these pillow covers for free from Reflective Design to use in my living room decor that I was going to share here on the blog. Pillow covers are a great way to change the look of a room without buying new pillows. These sophisticated wax print Ankara/African print pillow covers are a way to add an African feel to our previous decor and artwork in a more modern way. They have several prints to choose from, so I sent pictures of the ones I already had and they recommended this print. The black, white, and gold print matched perfectly with the bed’s upholstery in these colors. But by placing them on chairs, the prints don’t clash.

Living Room Red Sofa Decorating Ideas

How To Decorate Your Large Living Room

I mentioned earlier that I cleaned the space before starting this process. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw away every piece you had before. Before you put something back, ask yourself these questions: Does this make me happy? Does this style fit my personal interior style? Does it match the decor style of the room? If not, let him go or move him to another room. If so, put it back into space.

A lot of things we had before we decided to redecorate are still in the room, but a lot of things aren’t. We had the mattresses that came with the red bedding, but flipped them over so the patterned side didn’t show – solid red. We didn’t like this method anyway, so it worked out perfectly.

Living Room Red Sofa Decorating Ideas

We also had lighting fixtures, candles and candles, planters and a fur throw. We had a small side table by the door that worked for storage but didn’t fit the room and we moved it to another room where it worked better.

Red Living Room Decor Ideas [plus Tips]

We kept the cushions we had before on the armchairs and covered them with cushion covers from Reflection Design, as the print of the original cushions didn’t match the decor style of the room.

Living Room Red Sofa Decorating Ideas

I absolutely love how this space comes together! Mr. Blake doesn’t say anything or ask any questions, which means he likes it. I don’t know if it’s all over yet or if there’s more to add. When I do, I’ll share it with you all.

I am in the process of redecorating our 2nd bedroom that we use as a home office/studio space. I got some pillowcases from Reflective Design for that space and I can’t wait to share that room with all of you. I hope these interior design tips are helpful, and even if your bed is a bold color other than red, these tips apply.

Living Room Red Sofa Decorating Ideas

Best Red Sofa Ideas For 2019

Let me know what you think of how I’d style our living room around this red sofa!Lindsey Lanquist is a design expert covering the latest home trends and design tips. He has more than 6 years of experience in digital media. As a former editor-in-chief at StyleCaster and staff writer at Self, her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Birdie, Verywell, Shegnos, Nylon, and more.

Red is an inherently bold color to design around a room. Because anything bold, eye-catching and vibrant takes effort, you can’t throw together a few pretty bits and hope it all works. Red is loud. It is obvious. And when used carelessly, it can easily overwhelm a space. But give red the care and attention it deserves, and you can end up with a space that’s not only beautiful, but absolutely stunning.

Living Room Red Sofa Decorating Ideas

When you choose to decorate in red, you give up the ability to manage a normal space or a good space. Your preferences are more polar than that. Achieve success and absolute greatness. Failure and disappointment are the only qualifications. Given these inconsistencies, many people relegate red to places that are invisible or out of focus, such as the bathroom or laundry room. Only a few take up the challenge and make red the focal point of the living room, the true focal point of any home.

Family Friendly Living Room Ideas

We reached out to designer and color expert Iman Stewart for some tips on how to pull off red with success. “Red is great for making a statement,” she says. She firmly believes in the power of color. “Honestly, it’s an instant mood booster. It changes your mood instantly.”

Living Room Red Sofa Decorating Ideas


With all this in mind, decorating a red room can seem like a daunting prospect. But as the collection of beautiful red living rooms below shows, there are plenty of ways to get it right. Keep scrolling for inspiration and tips for harnessing the power of red.

Living Room Red Sofa Decorating Ideas

Awesome Living Room Ideas From Salone Del Mobile 2016

Red carpets may be plentiful, but red couches are rare. It takes courage to make the centerpiece of your living room a bold red. But opt ​​for a darker, more earthy hue in luxurious velvet, and you’ll be surprised how easily it integrates with your aesthetic. We’re amazed at how luxurious it looks in this timeless living room with neutral (but hard-wearing) pieces.

It is also important to consider your lifestyle. “For a living room where you’re trying to relax and watch a movie, I don’t think you should go bold with red,” says Stewart. “You want it to be something that flows with the space.” Use small amounts of red and calm shades to maintain a more relaxed mood.

Living Room Red Sofa Decorating Ideas

If you’re on the fence, opt for a saturated pillow or two before fully committing to a red palette. You can always add more to the mix over time.

Small Living Room Design Ideas

Many of us use artwork to represent the colors we already have in a room. But there’s no reason why we should. Instead, say a vibrant shade of red, why not inject a new tone into your artistic palette? We’re big fans of this pair of framed prints that introduce not one but two vibrant colors to this living room. And it all works.

Living Room Red Sofa Decorating Ideas

The printed red strip can ring

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