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Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas – If you love the outdoors and take your vitamin D supplements religiously, you need sunlight in your life. Optimized for tons of natural light, they all aim to induce relaxation and daydreams. If you’re lucky enough to already have a room in your home where natural sunlight floods the entire space (or if you’re thinking of expanding in the future), we’ve provided 30 designer examples below to help you do just that. Take the most part. Ranging from cozy window-hugging reading nooks to party-ready screened-in porches, expansive interior gardens and everything in between, these stylish sunrooms will tempt you to be a cat who does nothing but sleep all day. does not Prepare, organize, live your life

Gilt details, antiques, and stained wood floors make this sunroom, designed by Nina Nash Long, feel like an old-world parlor. The graphic black-and-white checkerboard pattern really makes the piano pop, and the dark gray-green walls and floral-skirted tables reflect the green beyond.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

Modern patio seating, a green accent wall and tons of wood make this gourmet dining room feel like you’re eating and drinking al fresco inside Brigitte Romanique.

Back Porch Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

Robert McKinley Studio’s contemporary living room incorporates neutral colors, nature-inspired materials, and stylish staples.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

In the sunroom of her home, designer Ariel Okin created the effect of a lush, indoor garden by placing vines and rattan furniture and stacking a shelf with climbing vines, pink ferns and flowers.

A sunroom can be used for more than just sitting. In this dining room by Redmond Aldrich Design, a small dining table makes it the perfect breakfast nook, entertainment zone (card games, anyone?) or even a short home office. Paint the ceiling and walls different colors to make the room feel extra bright and thoughtful.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

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A skylight, wall-to-wall windows and sliding glass doors triple the natural light in this cozy breakfast room designed by Daniel Fenay. For a touch of warmth, she added sheepskin throws to the floors.

A sunroom should really be a place that encourages relaxation. In this small space, ETC.etera filled the cozy room with damask sectionals perfect for kitchens and family hangouts.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

Lacquer-painted floors and chocolate-striped walls brighten up this small (but tall) sunroom by Nicolas Obeid. The elongated white flower shape is perfectly proportional to the chandelier, both taking the shape of the room and reducing its size. A fireplace also adds some comfort.

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A sunroom is a great place to practice at home. In the warmer months, you can let in some fresh air while exercising, and in the colder months, you can take in the scenery as you’re outside, even if you’re braving the cold in the winter. have The Novogratz family home gym has ocean lights and a striking red punching bag that illuminates it.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

There is no better room in the house to meditate than the sunroom. Knight Burgess enhanced this beautiful meditation space with crystals, incense and a gong above the settee. Soft colors and natural light polish things off.

Well, the laundry room isn’t necessarily the most exciting room in the house, but using a sunny spot can certainly make folding and cleaning more inspiring. That’s especially true if you channel the decor in this classic blue example by Anna Sparrow Designs.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

Creative Screened Porch Design Ideas

If you don’t have enough space to add tons of plants and full-sized indoor trees, don’t worry! This wall shelf display in a sunroom designed by Corey Damon Jenkins allows you to display small plants without eating up the floor plan.

If you have a free standing garage or garden shed, make the most of it by turning it into a light-filled multipurpose space. It includes office space, dining room, home office, greenhouse and recreation area all in one free sunroom.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

It’s always a good idea to set up shop in a room that has lots of natural light. Greens set the scene for a cozy home office designed by Ingrid Rasmussen.

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Arched windows and a skylight beautifully frame this sunroom. To make the bones of the space shine, interior designer Tamsin Johnson stuck with an understated color palette and introduced pops of personality with funky accents. Materials and greenery are emphasized throughout the exterior.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

You don’t need to customize furniture or invest in buildings to get a show-stopping window seat in your sunroom. Here, interior designer Johnny Molster threw a whistle into the space created by the angled bay windows. Next, she painted the surrounding walls a vibrant shade of flamingo pink, perfectly complementing the red stripes and softened by gray and white curtains, making this small sunroom even more charming.

The stunning all-white treatment in this sunroom by AP Design House ensures a radiant glow. Although simple in color school, the interesting layers of texture and pattern give the room a unique character.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

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Interior designer Sarah Anderson-Magnes gave this Frank Lloyd Wright home in upstate New York a fresh update that still befits its former life. A window in one corner of the living room is left open to let in light and brighten the surroundings, giving the effect of a sunroom. “I don’t have neighbors, we’re high enough to have privacy,” he says. “I like to look outside and see the trees.”

“Located on the east bank of the Hudson River, this home is a strong, logical design that offers views and a connection to the natural world outside,” writes GRT Architects. In the sun room, two swing chairs face the outside, creating a beautiful sunset viewing area.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

Rustic yellow shiplap, a luscious lime green and lavender color scheme, and tropical rattan accents make this room feel sunnier than nature. Designer Amanda Landroth chose the room and round chairs and a cushioned ottoman to set the soft and inviting mood.

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Sun-filled, inviting, and with neutral colors, this room designed by Atelier Akin is a true testament to the whole understated language. Polished concrete floors are an unexpected approach against more rustic and traditional elements. Additionally, durable materials are essential for a screened porch.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

This 1890s carriage house has so many cozy window seats that it’s hard to keep track of interior designer Lisa Tharp (she suspects there are nine in total). Overlooking lush New England countryside, it’s a natural setting for good lighting and, of course, a sunroom/screened porch.

Designed by Tamsin Johnson, this covered porch feels like an elegant living room and a forest-inspired greenhouse at the same time.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

Seductively Serene Screened Porch Ideas

Heather Hillard designed this California sunroom to feel like both a sitting room and a home office. She works at a desk and her husband sleeps in the cab, Hillard tells us. Le Jofa’s printed grass wallcovering is soft enough to encourage both productivity and sleep, and the golden color reflects the sunlight.

This stunning Malibu home decorated by Martin Lawrence Bullard makes living feel like a permanent vacation. Adorned with high vaulted ceilings and skylights and sliding glass doors to connect the indoors with the outdoors, this sunny living room is luxurious and relaxing.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

Don’t let the blinding light ruin your relaxing space. Woven shades that match the tinted window coverings filter bright light into this stylish sunroom by Wreath Design.

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From the library staircase to the red velvet rocking chairs and palm fronds, this stunning parlor room by Kingston Lafferty Design is modern day Bloomsbury. A community of indoor plants will feel right at home in a sunny room.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

Create a summer atmosphere by installing trellis in the sunroom. The fresh green color adds a garden feel.

This sunroom also serves as the entrance to the 1950s ranch. A pair of double-glazed doors create an indoor-outdoor flow. In this way, the room really feels like a courtyard.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

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Hadley Mendelsohn Senior Editor Hadley Mendelsohn is the senior design editor for House Beautiful and the co-host and executive producer of the podcast Dark House.

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Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

This smart home addition will make any room look beautiful with home decor for GE lighting. the porch This is a popular design trend because these are highly functional spaces with multiple uses. It can be your sun room, mud room, lounge, recreation room, dining room, kitchen, etc. They protect you from the elements and can be used all year round.

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Screens can be permanent, removable or retractable to suit your lifestyle needs. You can decorate it with an outdoor curtain to shade you from the sun during the day… or use it as a decoration. Don’t forget to add some cozy decorations, a porch swing, lighting fixtures and more.

Enclosed Back Porch Decorating Ideas

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