Build-Tech Engineering was formed on 2006 to provide total solutions and services to the various industrial operations. We also provide a relevant technical supports with sourcing assistance in all kinds of industrial equipments and machineries in related field of business. We are having a sound knowledge and well versant in this field have been working for a long. We have a competent and efficient Management team to serve the needs of the conglomerate as to make business ease and ultimate profitable.

Build-Tech Engineering was is specialized in supplying technology and machineries of Electrical, Mechanical and Control engineering for various types of Corporate Offices and Industries like Cement, Salt, Feed, Flour, Furniture, Textile, Garments and Packaging Industries. We also work on warehouse management i.e Racking Systems.

Build-Tech Engineering was supports to the clients with experienced professionals and supervisors during Erection, Commissioning and operation on multiple industrial sectors. Our engineers are highly educated and trained in the industrial sectors and all have
several years of experience on various plants. Our commitment is to provide high quality and innovative engineering services.

Engineering and manufacturing leaders in capital equipment Build-Tech Engineering is face many strategic and operational challenges, including cost and margin pressures, increasing competition from global and local players, emerging market complexity, global supply chains, and new technologies.

Build-tech is a Multi disciplinary Organization providing Strategic Solutions to the various Industry structured under the following categories:

01. Sustainable power/ illumination solutions (day-lighting & LED lighting)
02. Industrial automation & automatic material handling solutions
03. Warehouse Design And material Handling Systems
04. Industrial Work aids & Space saving furniture
05. Comfort cooling , Ventilation and Air Handling Systems
06. Technical supports & sourcing assistances
07. LEED / BREEAM / PLAN A Certification ( through associates )

We are pleased to offer our expertise in the following areas that we believe could be valuable to your organization.